Tom Bovo


Tom Bovo is a photographer based in New York City who addresses the intersection of time and movement as two juxtaposing phenomena that share mutual contexts as well as contradictions.  This ongoing debate was first revealed by Bovo in a series of photographs that portray mannequins standing behind reflective, storefront windows.  The tension between art and artifice resonate throughout each image. The fake figures, moreover, add a layer of animation.  

Bovo recently shifted away from the documented moment by employing the use of multiple perspectives in order to capture the fleeting character of time, as opposed to its liminal trace.  The photographer has been exploring remote marshlands and parks that address landscape throughout time.  Texture and color are the most significant components of this series since both elements transcend the particulars of natural and manmade environments.

Since 2008 Tom Bovo has exhibited frequently throughout New York.  In 2009 the Caladan Gallery located in Cambridge, Massachusetts included his work in The 6th Annual Exhibition of the Surrealist, Visionary and Fantastic.  During the same year the Upstream People Gallery located in Omaha, Nebraska featured Bovo’s photographs in the 11th Annual Painting, Drawing, Photography and Print Exhibition.  Tom Bovo’s first solo exhibition titled My New York took place at 440 Gallery in Brooklyn, New York. In 2013 the Peninsula Art Space in Red Hook, Brooklyn hosted the artist’s second solo show titled Sidewalk Closed – Use Other Side.  Bovo’s most recent solo exhibition titled The Other Side of Summer took place at 440 Gallery from July 9th to August 9th, 2015.  His work has been profiled by Brooklyn Magazine and PhotoUTSA.  In 2009 the artist was also featured as a Voice Choice by The Village Voice.  Tom Bovo’s photographs appear in private collections located in New York, New York; Brooklyn, New York; Birmingham, Alabama; Pasadena, California; Tucson, Arizona; New Orleans, Louisiana; Boston, Massachusetts and Cleveland, Ohio.