Serena Bocchino


Serena Bocchino is an abstract painter who incorporates the fluid rhythm of jazz into her color palette and artistic process.  For Bocchino, painting is a performance that connects life. Various combinations of pastel yellow, blue, green, orange, pink and purple weave together and mesmerize.  The process, moreover, of is completely unbound from academic restraints.  By taking on subject matter that is both a-historic and thematically abstract, Bocchino leans toward the decorative but, instead, succeeds in its hypnotic expressionistic effect.

The artist’s series iPOP debuted at New York City’s Tria Gallery in October 2009 and in April 2011 exhibited at The Center of Contemporary Art in Bedminster, New Jersey.  The paintings in iPOP declare that irony is dead through the presentation of dripped, pastel-colored flowers that loom over small sculptures of rabbits, squirrels and birds.  Bocchino’s passion for bright colors culminates in this small selection of teasers that momentarily justify the slightly abstract representations of those sweet things in life.  It is as if Bocchino wants to add something bright to our new world of gray.

The Word Series began in 2010 and combines gestural abstract painting with stenciled text, connecting meaning with movement.  Bocchino is currently building The Conversations in White series, a particular focus on the interaction and visual engagement of color, light and white.