RobRoy Chalmers


RobRoy Chalmers is an artist from New York City who currently lives and works in Seattle, Washington.  As a painter, Chalmers extends the painted line from the tactile, square canvas while transforming the flat painted surface into a lived environment.  The artist creates prints, paintings, installations, habitats, trophies, cavities, performances and drawings that fuse the genre of abstraction with space and time.

In Swarm (2012) Chalmers tore and fragmented his own representations into miniature squares and rectangles then pinned each piece to the exhibition wall.  Grouped together in varying densities, these small elements comprise The Sporozoan Swarm Series and create a movement that stream across empty space, suggesting the migration of seeds. Mind Unwind (2012) captures the combustion of matter from the top corner of a wall before dissipating. The artist’s new large-scale painting Icon(2013) features the unfurling, white outline of a biomorphic structure eschewing symmetric geometry in favor of the interconnection that exists between physical forms.

Since 1996 RobRoy Chalmers has participated in exhibitions that have occurred in cities located on the East and West Coasts.  In 2009 Chalmers’ art was on view at Aqua Art Miami. In 2010 his work was included in the Art Monaco Art Fair located in Monte Carlo, Monaco as well as a group show titled 10 and Change that took place at the Twilight Artist Collective located in Seattle, Washington.  The Twilight Artist Collective hosted a solo show of new work by Chalmers in 2011.  This was followed by another show in 2012 at the offices of Avery Dennison located in Seattle, Washington.  The artist also presented new work in a group show at the Rochester Contemporary Art Center of New York and was featured in The Continuous Thread hosted by the Printmaking Center of New Jersey located in Branchberg, New Jersey.

RobRoy Chalmers’ art is part of the collection at the Nordstrom Corporation, the VF Corporation and Dwelling Seattle Real Estate. His work is featured in the private collections of Ali Scornachi and Seth Bogner as well as Joe and Nancy Yacarino, and in the individual collections of Joe Castaldo, Jack Story, Janet Halpin and Christian Mundigo.  RobRoy Chalmers currently has work on view in The Story of The Creative on view through September 10, 2013 at See located in Long Island City, New York.