Rob Campbell


Rob Campbell is an artist from Detroit, Michigan who lives and works in New York City.  As a painter Campbell critiques process and dimension, setting up the painted framework with found wood before skating over a base coat of paint.  The artist’s rendering of marks through the clash of surfaces establishes the placement of line and revisits the relationship between site and subject.

Bangarang III (2013) measures 9 by 9 inches and consists of enamel on wood, in this case a cream color background that is marred by traces into the paint and then laced with dark blue strips at the edge, floating within a highly textured space. Campbell breaks the two-tone hum with a single, contrasting line of bright blue.  Howard and Vince (2013) is a small-scale, 14” x 14” painting that features two white rectangles painted upon a thick, grain surface while thin red lines angle back and forth, passing one another, suggesting two different but parallel routes.

The artist extends his linear critique to architecture and rural planning.  Midwest Plan 4 (2013) features a sketch of the mid-century modern home, located primarily in the suburbs of America.  Campbell pushes this representation into its own margin and frames it with a distressed border while leaving a small patch of color scale in the empty space below.

Since 2009 Rob Campbell has exhibited throughout Michigan and New York.  Between 2010 and 2011 his work appeared in twelve group shows that took place at Northern Michigan University.  In 2012 the artist featured new work in a group show at the Greenpoint Gallery titled 8 Year Anniversary Salon Show. Within the past year, Campbell’s work has gained significant traction appearing in Conversation Drivers at the Tracx Gallery Space in New York City.  His work was also exhibited at the Affordable Art Fair as well as The HOME Exhibition that was hosted by New York’s Ground Arts Organization. Most recently Campbell featured work in ARTlot, located in Brooklyn, New York.  In May 2013 the artist received his MFA from the School of Visual Arts.