Pauline Chernichaw


Pauline Chernichaw is a photographer who lives and works in the New York Metropolitan Area.  Chernichaw's presents her work in topical series that cast a focus upon American society and the environment. The artist's new series titled "Beyond Water" explore the core of water’s life-force, illuminating a deep perception of what is ‘beyond’ the visibly recognizable. 

Throughout "Beyond Water" Chernichaw's observant eye provides a gaze toward the surface of the ocean, ponds, creeks and rivers as part of visually immersing oneself into fields of color, line and organic shapes. Also known as the "Water Series," these photographs mirror an endlessly moving and infinitely shifting waterscape.  The artist's minimal and pictorial abstractions elucidate a sense of visual stimulation, emotional pleasure and spiritual meditation.

Particularly notable is Chernichaw’s detailed photograph “Water Series #4” that reflects a flowing play with line, color and ethereal shapes of blue, red and yellow. In the artist’s works titled “Water Series #12" and "Water Series #19," the unstructured vertical and horizontal patterns delicately dissolve into an otherworldly picture plane.  

Pauline Chernichaw is trained in both photography and painting. She studied painting at the University of Miami and Brooklyn College, and photography at New York University and the International Center of Photography.  The artist's photographs have appeared most recently in exhibitions at the Lazy Susan Gallery located in the Lower East Side, New York City; Sohn Fine Art Gallery in Lenox, Massachusetts; “Women Under Siege” at Ceres Gallery in New York City; Galleria Ca’D’Oro in Chelsea, New York City and the Art Project located in Jersey City, New Jersey.  

Chernichaw’s street photographs were included in the exhibitions “Wage On, Women, Art and Money”, that appeared at the Women’s Caucus for Art and “A Womanhouse or a Roaming House” at the A.I.R. Gallery in Brooklyn, New York City.   She curated the well-received photography exhibition “Out and Out” at Ceres Gallery and is co-curating a group exhibition for 2018 titled “Displacement: Women’s Journeys."

Pauline Chernichaw was born in Ulm, Germany.  Her art can be viewed online in the videos “Breaking Surface” by Galleria Ca’D’Oro” and “The Moment”.  She is an award-winning member of The National Association of Women Artists and has also received reviews from Whitehot Magazine, The National Museum of Women Artists, Artforum, Photography Now,, Artslant Worldwide,, The NY Art Scene, The Village Voice, The Record, The New York Times and The Star Ledger. Pauline Chernichaw’s works are included in private and permanent collections.