Mira Alcott


Mira Alcott is an artist who lives and works in New York City. Alcott began as an oil painter before expanding to specialize in architecture and mixed-media.  The relationship between ancient landscapes and the visual arts became the core of the artist’s aesthetic, as she renders a combination of small-scale sculptures and life-size installations that capture the irony, pathos and humor of humanity.

Metaphor is central to Alcott’s work.  Pop (2012) is a 5” by 5” square that hoists a small, robust, salt-dough figure aloft five needles that extend 10-inches high, suggesting imminent deflation.  Execution of Fingers (2012) present different portraits of middle fingers set upon gendered torsos and propped against a plaster wall that suggest large, gray cinder blocks seen in an urban street setting. A similar koan appears in Unable to Yoga Yogi (2012) that features a figure posed in yoga meditation and set within a tight-walled space with a small window so that one can view the trapped ascetic.  In each case Alcott utilizes the miniature to reduce the world into the setting of small stage.

Mira Alcott chooses to work with low-tech construction processes in order to reveal humanity’s imperfections.  Since 2006 Alcott has exhibited in an array of shows that occurred primarily in Pennsylvania and New York. In 2011 the artist participated in A Change in Climate, a group show that took place from May to June in a donated space at 26 West 17th Street in Manhattan.  Alcott presented a public sculpture installation titled Ghost Bats at the 2012 DUMBO Arts Festival in Brooklyn, New York.  Mira Alcott is currently an artist member at the Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts and her work is featured in the collections of Courtney Knapp and Melanie Cox.