Koren Christofides


Koren Christofides is a painter, who also works in textiles and makes ceramic sculptures that are inspired by proverbs about women, myths, fables, fashion and old tales. This source material which can be difficult in text she appears to make vibrant in visual art. The artist’s work has long been concerned with the origin of thoughts and ideas that still influence and challenge our own.

A Story Begins. Page 2 (2011) consists of embroidery, beads and fabric on an asymmetrical piece of linen. The image is based on a conte (erotic tale) by Jean de La Fontaine (1621-1695). The completed project will be a total contemporary re-handling of this tale as she selectively plays with text and newly created imagery. Eighteen Goddess-like Daughters Are Not Worth One Son – with a HUMP (2011) is glazed stoneware with a sash of fur attached, inserting this mordant proverb, into an object that may or may not be for daily use.

Koren Christofides has traveled throughout Western Europe, Greece, Egypt, Turkey, Morocco, Iran, Columbia and Mexico. From 1997-2009 she lived in France. The artist is the editor of Fables of La Fontaine Illustrated, University of Washington Press, Seattle/London, 2006. Her art was included in the Drawing Center Viewing Program from 2006 through its closure in 2014.  In Autumn 2012 she was one of five ceramic artists featured in SKIN, an exhibition curated by Matt Nolen at The Thomas Hunter Project Space in New York City.  From June 7 to June 30, 2012 Gallery IMA hosted a solo exhibition titled Koren Christofides: Fashion, Fables and Proverbs, Embroideries, Ceramics and Paintings. In March 2016, Gallery IMA will host another solo exhibition for the artist titled, A Modern Medieval Bestiary. Koren Christofides is currently represented by Gallery IMA.