Gail Flanery


Gail Flanery is an artist who lives and works in Brooklyn, New York and explores texture and saturation by utilizing an array of media in order to push the envelope of flat, two-dimensional form. Flanery begins with the idea of the horizontal landscape and then colors each element of perspective with a select handful of juxtaposing hues that stretch, tumble and swirl near one another. While the bodies of particular tones intermingle at the edges, the artist successfully builds the impression of a light-filled, vaporous atmosphere.

Shades of orange, yellow, brown and gray extend and erode within a restricted framework titled Fire Fly (2016) that gives way to a small group of red lines that zigzag from the center of the composition’s vanishing point to the upper left corner. The white sky billows around four black clouds while in Red Desert (2016) two bands of gray and blue appear as margin s to a thin strip of orange, suggesting a late sunset with accents in red. The artist recently expanded her creative purview to include multi-media collaborations with Tom Bovo and Karen Gibbons, creating a total environment within the limitations provided by the print medium.

Gail Flanery studied printmaking at the Cooper Union and specializes in the intaglio and Japanese Hanga printing techniques. She has exhibited through New York and New Jersey since 1975, appearing frequently at the Kentler International Drawing Space located in Red Hook, Brooklyn. Flanery is a co-founder of the 440 Gallery in Park Slope, Brooklyn. In June 2016 the artist joined Tom Bovo and Karen Gibbons for their first collaborative group exhibition titled Curiously that took place at the Lazy Susan Gallery, located in New York City. Her prints also appeared Merge, a three-person exhibition that was featured in the Project Space of 440 Gallery in January 2016, and in Mapping Space: Carte Blanche curated by Dita Amory at the Kentler International Drawing Space for during June 2016. Gail Flanery’s prints appear in the collections of Chase Manhattan Bank, Citibank, IBM, Milbank Tweed and The Jane Vorhees Zimmerli Art Museum at Rutgers University in New Jersey. On September 15, 2016 the artist will present new work in a solo show titled Tumbled Sky that will be on view at the 440 Gallery through October 16, 2016.