Fabian Freese


Fabian Freese pursues the global trace as a significant theme that involves the introduction of art compositions made in previous locations, while creating new work within the city of exhibition. Throughout each year the artist brings one site to another as he continues to move through framework and context. This exchange between past and present was recently amplified with photographs made during a public performance at Brooklyn Bridge Park.

In conjunction with his solo exhibition titled Drawings for New York, Freese created a new series of light paintings that will soon appear in upcoming exhibitions around the world. The artist also added new work to his ongoing Blocked Daylight Series (2015) the Minimal Paintings Series (2015) and the Movements Series. (2015) In the Wheelchair Series (2014) Freese has addressed how societies continue to perceive people with disabilities, as well as different cultural backgrounds, such as race and religion. “All people are worth the same regardless of the differences,” states the artist. “We are all one.”

Fabian Freese is currently represented by Weithorn Galerie in Düsseldorf, Germany, Darren Baker Gallery in London, Galerie Pack of Patches in Jena, Germany and by Michaela Helfrich Galerie in Berlin, Germany. In February 2016, Kunstraum Unten Bochum presented a solo show of the artist’s most recent work titled Let Me Learn From Where I Have Been. He also participated in a group exhibition at the Darren Baker Gallery and at Art Karlsruhe. In May 2016 Freese will present another solo exhibition at Backstubengalerie in Wuppertal, Germany titled Aspects of Time and in September 2016 Gallery M Adelaide in Australia will host a solo show for the artist titled Far – Far.