Annette Cords


Annette Cords is an artist based in New York City.  Cords creates paintings that utilize the process of surface painting to create the suggestion of both biological and digital structures. The artist first applies the impressions of everyday materials, such as rubber mesh and cardboard, and then continues to build an abstract panorama.

The Zoned-series is a selection of new work that explores the different ways that pigment and material combine through layered, filtered surfaces such as lace netting.  Zoned 148 (2012) features a multi-colored background of brown, orange, pink and blue while cross-hatch patterns in blue, red, yellow compliment a small strip of gestural paint strokes. A shift between two- and three-dimensional surfaces appear in Zoned 154 (2012) posing contrasts between planes of light blue and dark purple, while covered with a vibrant blue pattern. The composition is anchored by a six sphere shapes and balanced with additional dots of light blue pigment. Zoned 159 (2012) sets up red, orange, black and white colors, on a vertical axis, while Zoned 161 (2012) is a play between shapes and texture, guided by color.

In 2010 Annette Cords won the Change, Inc., Robert Rauschenberg Fellowship. The Villa Rosenthal in Jena, Germany hosted a solo show for Cords in 2012 titled Diamond Days. The artist also exhibited work in a two-person show at the Jenaer Kunstverein im Stadtspeicher titled Klangfarben with Peter Vogel. Since 1998 her work has been exhibited in numerous group shows across the country.  Cords’ paintings appeared in an exhibition at Mass MOCA titled An Exchange with Sol LeWitt during 2011. During 2012 the artist’s paintings were part of two group shows, Network at the Westbeth Gallery in New York City and In Liquid v.12 at the Ice Box Project Space, located in the Crane Arts Building of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.