Angelo Bellobono

Angelo Bellobono_Moving terrae -oil and acrylic on canvas_59_x59__2018_9000 euro.jpg

Angelo Bellobono is an artist who lives and works in New York City, Rome and Morocco. Bellobono engages painting proactively and extends the practice into a series of cross-disciplinary projects that collectively highlight cultural differences while stressing the need to preserve diversity.  As a result the artist utilizes collaboration to engage residents of small village communities, located near the Atlas mountain range, in order to establish and preserve their own cultural identities. Bellobono also creates paintings, photographs and drawings that serve as documents of his experiences, incorporating fragments of rock and found materials left in the snow.

In 2011 Angelo Bellobono founded Atla(s)now an artist residency that utilizes the mountainous terrain of Morocco, while working in consortium with members of the local community to build site-specific projects.  Presented at the Marrakech Biennial from February to June 2012, Atla(s)now stands as an interactive, archival project with a macroeconomic view. Over time this piece will transform into an effective response to the increasing demands of that developments are placing upon remote, rural regions.

As compliments to these events of collectivism, Bellobono recaptures the experiential impression found within the Atlas in a series of paintings and drawings.  Atla(s)now toubkal #2 (2012) and Atla(s)now icy painting #1 (2012) both feature white acrylic paint combined with salt, glue and recycled PVC in order to create a jagged, ice-like surface that also renders the idea of mountainous elements such as wind and snow.  Atla(s)now storm (2013) features yellow pigment that creates a subtle contrast across the landscape, adding to the overall sense of depth. The artist also creates portraits as a means to preserve the human element, while serving as an object of memory.  Atla(s)now icy painting (2012) while combines anonymous likeness with the thick, painted texture that appears in the previous pieces, fusing the landscape with the individual.

Since 2002 Angelo Bellobono has received exhibitions in cities such as New York, London, Rome, Milan, Naples and Florence.  In 2009 Envoy Gallery, located in New York City, hosted a solo show of the artist’s work titled Lower East Life.  In 2010 Bellobono’s work appeared in four group shows, one titled Under Italian Eyes that was hosted by the Museum of Modern Art in Cairo, Egypt.  During that year the Biasa Artspace located in Bali, Indonesia hosted Eastside – the journey a solo exhibition. In 2011 the artist presented new performance work in a solo show titled And then there was the ice at the Wunderkammern Gallery located in Rome, Italy. This exhibition pinpointed the artist’s interest in ethnic and cultural difference, featuring the male nude figure of an African model reclining within the setting of a room filled with ice.  In September 2013 Angelo Bellobono will exhibit his most recent work with Dot Dash 3.