Patrick Gantert


Patrick Gantert produces drawings, performances, sculptures and installations that synthesize disparate facets of his surrounding visual and cultural landscape into egalitarian structures. His work conflates bits and pieces of ephemera to expose connection points in an underlying network. In turn, he renders a pithy illumination of one’s daily memory through processes of deconstructing, literally and figuratively, his subject matter (scraps of computer print outs, receipts and various other forms of day to day record keeping).

Much of Gantert’s work emanates from writing, in which he uses language deftly to produce a corpus of cerebral yet pervasive essays. His drawings are generally large format (roughly 8 by 4 feet), singular exercises in graphite and colored pencil. He depicts realistic representations of banal objects, still lifes of mementos, and tiny fragments of throw away archiving systems—coalescing tromp l’oeil technique with contemporary subject matter. Gantert builds installations and performances on the foundation of his writing and drawing. Constructing installations out of cast off materials, he may freely “perform”, expounding on the mundane with analytical theory and wit.

Patrick Gantert lives and works in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. He received his BFA from the University of Wisconsin-Stout in 2008 and continued to receive his MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, in 2010.

Currently, Gantert has a residency for the month of August at The Wassaic Project in Upstate New York, where he continues to generate drawings and is writing a new performance entitled “Untitled: Organic Or Not Organic.” In addition, he writes the pilot episode for a sitcom tentatively titled Rocklyn about two brothers, one of whom made an unlikely fortune by selling a t-shirt slogan.