Benjamin Clarke

Benjamin J. Clarke develops decadent narratives in his drawing and paintings. Set in surreal lands, Clarke’s subjects oscillate between contemporary characters and representations of mythological creatures. Contorted, his subjects appear to self-deprecate themselves—as if they recognize their deformities. His motley crew is controlled by a whimsical palette of concentrated watercolor and contours of ink.

Clarke also tells Neo-America-like stories in a hollow pictorial space. He flattens physically-erect subject matter, which lightens the mood when witnessing an up-close-and-personal arrow dual. The elementary graphics are lightly shaded, but mostly consist of one pure hue. However sad his subjects may be, they appeals to aesthetic theory to attract the viewer deeper into his work.

In 2009, Clarke graduated from Pratt Institute receiving a BFA in Communications Design, concentrating in Illustration. He has exhibited in a number of local galleries—including Prospect Park Zoo, Ad Hoc Art Gallery,  Last Rights Gallery—and contributed to commercial artworks. His studio is located in Greenpoint, Brooklyn at Fowler Arts Collective.

Contact Clarke via email, info [at] artists-studios [dot] com .


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Benjamin Clarke | 2011 | Clarke